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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

We found these two ponies in desperate need of TLC at a yard sale.

 Upon closer look, we noticed that they were "Our Generation" horses (the perfect size for an 18 inch doll like American Girl) and the lady was selling them for $2.00 each! This was a great deal since they sale for about $34.00 brand new.


We just gently scrubbed them clean with some soap, warm water and a fine steel wool pad. Then washed their hair, trimmed it up, and braided while wet... let it dry and done.

I wonder what else we can find :oD


  1. Wow, that was a great deal! Please post pics of them with your dolls.

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  3. @georgia girl ok, we will try to get on out :o)

  4. hi, can you please help? my dolls have all these marks on them that look like ink, but i've never even drawn on them (not even when i was little) so i don't know where they come from. do you know any way to get the marks off, thank you :)

  5. That is fabulous!!!! I am jealous now :p haha

  6. That's great!!! What an awesome deal. =)

  7. I found the black horse at Goodwill recently!
    Awesome finding two of them!!! Who will ride them?

    New follower here!
    Your blog is so cute, I love the places your dolls go photos too!!

  8. I haven't found any horses, but a few years ago I found a Barbie Mustang car at the thrift store. It needed a little TLC, but it looks great.

  9. Nice! i watch all your videos and they are fabsome mu mom also says that ! bicouse u are so fabsome!!!!!!! u have so mach talent?mu mom have it too?she made al your stuff and its so simple! even i made some of them!!!!! and when i want to colect them too! last week when i got to the chainise work shop i saw a kitchen for dolls, little bottles of vine, carped, shopping cart..... and a lot of stuff!!