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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dolls... Dolls...

I have been on the look out, the pain stacking search for a new so in style Kara doll ever since our unfortunate accident... I will not go in to details, just know that it was not pretty.... but to my great disappointment I have been left empty handed.

I can't find this doll anywhere, either it is sold out or they are no longer making the one I need. AHHHHHH!!! It is like they said, "Let's throw the little brown girls of America a bone but make it so that they can't reach it... HA HA HA!"

Ok, so maybe I am being a little dramatic... but I want that doll!

Once you have had fully articulated you just can't go back...

and what is up with this bend at the elbow thing with flat hands?

Why doesn't Mattel make more dolls articulated like the fashionistas but with the look of the so in style dolls? I mean, is this really to much to ask for?


  1. i just bought my cousin a KARA doll at Dollar General have you tried there?

  2. no, i have not, we just found it but i will still try to check it out so that we have back up if we need them, thanks!

  3. check mattel.com. they have a great selection of the S.I.S. dolls @ decent prices since they're hard to find anywhere else. also check ebay & amazon(less ridiculous than ebay). You could try toyrus.com, but the selection isn't real impressive. best of luck!

  4. hi so r chloe and sophie so in style barbie dolls and what r theyre names and i love yur videos soooo much?!?!?!?!?!

  5. I agree! It's hard to find articulated dolls so I just buy articulated dolls and switch the heads so I can have the head I want on the body I want.